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The pandemic has thrown its fair share of curve balls in recent years and has impacted people and industries around the world, especially when it comes to economic and financial struggles. Despite this, it is wise for us to remember that challenge often inspires innovation. Now is the time to shine a light on the innovators and changemakers in our communities and envision a better future.


Greg Aguire

One of these agents of change is Greg Aguirre. Recently named one of “Top 10 Financial Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022” by Entrepreneur Magazine, Greg is undoubtedly a positive influence in finance, and 2022 is just the beginning. But before discussing the future, let’s start at the beginning. Aguirre’s story will help you understand why he is so passionate about using his knowledge and experience in finance to help others succeed.

Aguirre, as a first-generation American, was the first in his family to earn a college degree, completing his education at St. John’s University and George Washington University. From there, he launched his own successful business. With no family role model for how to navigate the path from college to entrepreneurship, Aguirre’s journey to success is particularly inspiring.

It was during the height of the 2008 financial crisis that Aguirre started US Capital Source Corp (USCS), a commercial loan brokerage firm. Aguirre could see that the GFC recovery would be slow and incredibly difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate on their own. He also knew he had value to offer those who needed help. Its goal was to offer support to small business owners and entrepreneurs so they could access the capital needed to rebuild their struggling businesses when they needed it most.

In 2010, Aguirre continued to develop the Access Capital (ACT) team for small businesses. The ACT was a collaboration providing free access to capital to communities affected by man-made and natural disasters. Aguirre points out that he started the ACT program “to be a short-term commitment to help my immediate community, but it has now become a long-term mission.”

Along with his work with the USCS, Aguirre’s appointment as Executive Director of the United States Chamber of Commerce and President of the Miami-Dade County Chamber of Commerce in 2013 highlights his true commitment to the interests of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Florida and beyond.

Given the most recent challenges of COVID-19, Aguirre continues to operate USCS and ACT, providing support to businesses in their post-pandemic recovery phase. Looking back over Aguirre’s years of work, you can see that in times of difficulty, he breaks new ground in solutions. It is often in the most difficult times that true greatness shines through. Aguirre’s motivation is rooted in a desire to support his community. “I’m so lucky to be able to impact the lives of others, while teaming up with some of the most passionate and driven local business leaders in the community,” he says.

It’s obvious that Aguirre shares his knowledge and expertise for the benefit of others, but his impact also extends beyond his career. As the proud husband and father of his 6-year-old daughter, he understands firsthand the value of financial independence. He believes education and entrepreneurship are key to building a strong financial future.

It’s hard to truly comprehend the impact Aguirre’s work has had on many small business owners and entrepreneurs over the years. His commitment to advancing local small business communities and free enterprise will have a positive ripple effect beyond the businesses themselves. We look forward to the innovative financial ideas and initiatives that Greg Aguirre will contribute to in the future – keep an eye out for him!

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