Struxtion, LLC Makes Prepayment Program Available to General

CINCINNATI, 09 Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Struxtion, LLC announces that its Advance Payment Program (EPP) is available to general contractors (GCs) in the commercial construction industry. EPP, which allows CGs to pay contractors much faster without additional effort or processes, turns the current average of 83 days past due into on-demand payments. EPP is part of the Struxtion suite of products that accelerate payment transactions in commercial construction. According to a recent report, this is a much-needed innovation in an industry that sees $100 billion in unnecessary costs per year due to its historically slow payment cycle.

“Struxtion’s technology has the ability to remove significant time, friction and risk from the payment cycle. We are excited to make EPP available to general contractors,” said Gregg Lund, CEO and Founder of Struxtion.

EPP uses Struxtion’s core technology that connects construction project and stakeholder data to provide a free, turnkey solution for GCs. Struxtion markets and administers the EPP program and provides 100% equity, making it a win-win for CGs and contractors.

“This is just the beginning, as we are in the early stages of putting in place a roadmap that will continue to positively impact the efficiency of the commercial construction industry at 1,000 $000,” Lund added.

About Struxtion
Struxtion is accelerating the growth of the billion-dollar commercial construction industry by speeding up the payment process by 94% and eliminating up to $72 billion in unnecessary expenses. Contractors who use our technology get paid 16 times faster than those who don’t and grow even faster by getting more work and completing that work sooner than expected. Now it’s harder work, working capital. For more information and to stay connected, visit or find @Struxtion on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

For more information, contact Struxtion CMO Steve Glynn: [email protected] or 262-353-6562.

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