Security Token Market Partners with Turnkey Security Token Platform Digital Markets or DIGTL

Security Token Market (STM), a security token research company, has partnered with a “turnkey” security token platform, Digital Markets (DIGTL).

With “hundreds” of security token offerings (STO) currently listed on the platform, STM has become an established market for researching and participating in the security token space, which is in its early stages of development.

As noted by STM, partnerships with global infrastructure companies are expected to help deliver “the breadth and depth of investment opportunities sought by interested investors and users”.

The Security Token Market Team wrote in a blog they can’t wait to work with DIGTL to “help spread awareness of this amazing company and platform”. The team has been “quietly” building useful products and services “for several years now and are now ready to share them with the world”.

As stated in the STM update:

“DIGTL, in simple terms, is an end-to-end solution that creates a clear and transparent path to liquidity. “

The announcement also shared the following details:

  • Problem: Thanks to their easy-to-navigate portal, you can tokenize and manage your digitized ceiling table, free of charge
  • To augment: Within this same platform, issuers can “conduct compliant fundraising campaigns”
  • List: DIGTL can “help you get listed on a blockchain-based exchange, such as MERJ”.
  • To exchange: Using DIGTL’s proprietary technology, issuers have “the ability to create their own marketplace to facilitate compliant transactions on their web properties”.

Security tokens have great potential in updating capital market infrastructure, and DIGTL “plays a key role in this,” according to Kyle sonlin, CEO of Security Token Market.

He added:

“The company was instrumental in bringing Curzio Research’s $ CEO token to market, and continues to influence the growth of the tokenized economy through investment and collaboration across the broader ecosystem.” . Partnering with an industry-leading company to create content flows that make capital markets more inclusive for investors and issuers around the world is a top priority for Security Token Market. We are excited to see the growth of blockchain and tokenization. “

While they offer good opportunities to reduce overall costs and improve the efficiency of the issuance process for issuers and financial service providers, security tokens have yet to enter the big picture. public “in the manner of crypto-currencies or NFTs”.

The announcement further noted that “one of the reasons for this is the lack of functional products within a fully viable ecosystem, which DIGTL claims to have solved, along with its partners, via a token platform of end-to-end security that can take a security issuer token issuance, through its initial investment, crowdfunding campaigns and AE Series private placements, directly to global digital exchanges for the ultimate liquidity event : an initial public offering or a direct listing. ”

The update also mentioned that the lack of “clear communication from industry experts to fully convey the benefits of tokenization and link it to a retail investor audience has played a significant role in the slow adoption. of the security token industry ”.

“DIGTL is delighted to work with the Security Token Market to create compelling and engaging content for the larger fintech community,” according to James wallace, CEO of DIGTL.

Wallace further revealed:

“We are working with exciting clients and believe the security token movement will create a paradigm shift for capital formation and investing. Our goal is to radically simplify what was previously a complex process, controlled only by venture capital funds and investment banks, to help issuers and asset managers understand the power and benefits of join democratized finance. Never before have small cap stocks, new commodities, real estate portfolios and other exotic assets been able to be traded globally with the efficiency of the stock market ”

Security Token Market presented its Partnership network to “highlight some of the leading companies driving the adoption of breakthrough technology in the security token industry.”

As stated in the update:

“By leveraging our community of thousands of entrepreneurs, academics, investors and enthusiasts, we can continue to move the tokenization narrative in a positive direction and maintain a constructive discourse with regulators and innovators. to stimulate additional momentum for the industry. ”

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