Marianne Williamson supports Imani Oakley for Congress

Marianne Williamson approves

Imani Oakley for Congress

Montclair, NJ – Former Progressive presidential candidate Marianne Williamson supported Imani Oakley’s campaign for New Jersey’s 10th District.

“I am proud to have gotten the endorsement from Marianne Williamson,” Oakley said. “I am delighted to be working alongside Marianne to create positive, progressive change and empower the community. “

Oakley – a progressive organizer and advocate for democracy – is running to Congress in New Jersey’s 10th District on a platform that includes support for the Green New Deal, Medicare 4 All and housing as a right of the man.

The incumbent, Representative Payne Jr., has been criticized for taking money from some of the fossil fuel industry’s worst polluters, anti-union companies and weapons developers while having one of the highest rates of highest absenteeism of all members of Congress.

Oakley and his campaign thanked Williamson for his support.

This endorsement comes on top of the progressive coalition that is growing around the Oakley campaign, including West Orange Young Democrats, Catch Fire, Brand New Congress, Black Lives Matter activist Zellie Imani, Muslim community leader and civil rights activist Selaedin Maksut, Maplewood Mayor Dean Dafis and Mount Rainier Deputy Mayor Scott Cecil.

“Our campaign has always been about building a progressive coalition to tackle the forces that harm our communities,” Oakley said. “As a member of Congress, I will work tirelessly alongside other progressives to earn the future we deserve.”


Imani Oakley is a longtime political organizer and pro-democracy activist who runs for Congress in the 10th District of New Jersey. The headquarters covers parts of Essex, Union and Hudson counties. The time she spent working in New Jersey’s political spaces made one thing clear: our state suffers from rabid corruption. His campaign is dedicated to ending this system and raising workers’ communities.

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