Letter: What if? | Letters to the Editor

In every election at the federal level, we have the choice of voting for candidate A or B. Both need large sums of money to run. Where does this kind of money come from?

Correct, corporate or “black” money.

Once in power, politicians are beholden to the big donors who helped them get elected.

The American voter no longer has a government that works for the working class. What if there was a third made up of working middle class voters who represent voters who no longer have a government working to solve their problems.

The current people of Washington have decided for decades to work only for the rich and their lobbyists. Why is the minimum wage still only $ 7.25 an hour? Why do we have the highest drug costs in the world?

We urgently need a government that will meet the needs of the declining middle class from pay to pay. If you wait for the GOP to help you, they have no interest. If the GOP reclaims the House and Senate midway through 2022, you can count on them to start cutting Social Security and Medicare.

For the past 40 years, our government has worked for wealthy and multinational corporations to ensure they have everything they need to survive in this new economy. What if we had a government working for the common people to make sure they have everything they need just to live healthy, normal, middle-class lives?

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