Leaked Jon Gruden email renews questions about lack of transparency in WFT investigation

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The NFL has managed to put all the evidence regarding the chronic bad behavior that has been occurring for years within the Washington organization in a nuclear sarcophagus. The NFL has not specifically requested a written report, guaranteeing nothing will surface – unless the league wants it.

Earlier this week, someone wanted him.

Andrew Beaton from the Wall Street newspaper, who revealed the story of Jon Gruden’s racist email to former Washington executive Bruce Allen, surely didn’t find it in a dumpster or hacking into the league’s computer systems . Someone wanted Beaton to have it. Someone wanted Beaton to report it. And no one has seen fit to disclose any emails, other communications, or other potentially embarrassing or disturbing evidence regarding, for example, the behavior of Washington owner Daniel Snyder.

Let it settle. Snyder’s organization created a toxic work environment, and the league was successful in protecting Snyder from disclosure of facts or allegations uncovered during the entire investigation. Facts and allegations that resulted in an eight-figure fine for Snyder and a suspension without suspension that ends when the Commissioner decides it should end, unless he does not.

This is not a defense of Gruden. But he ended up taking shrapnel from the grenade which Snyder somehow avoided.

It is not known why the email was revealed on Friday. Some in league circles speculate that the NFL wants Gruden sacked by the Raiders. Others wonder if the NFL was trying to help NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith get enough votes to stay at work, instead of having a new executive director who might feel pressured to show up and to create potential problems for the league.

Either way, someone wanted this one and only email from Gruden to be made public. And no one wanted any facts or allegations directly implicating Snyder to be disclosed.

It is a double standard brimming with irony. Snyder’s mess could bring Gruden down. At a minimum, these are damaged goods. Snyder, on the other hand, will write a check and continue to truck.

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