Justin Cochrane of Carbon Streaming with Chris Thompson on Accessing Capital Markets to Help Fight Climate Change


In a recent interview with InvestorIntel, Chris Thompson spoke with Justin Cochrane, President, CEO and Director of Carbon diffusion company (NEO: NETZ) on the renewed interest in the carbon market and how Carbon Streaming accesses and leverages capital markets to help fight climate change.

In this interview with InvestorIntel, which can also be viewed on YouTube (click here to subscribe to InvestorIntel channel), Cochrane highlighted the rise in carbon credit prices driven by global warming and climate change awareness and added that Carbon Streaming Corporation invests directly in carbon projects around the world, which are removing carbon from the atmosphere or avoid carbon emissions into the atmosphere by exchanging for the carbon credits they generate. Justin also provided an update on Carbon Streaming’s recent private placement which brought together participants from 78 different countries.

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About Carbon Streaming Corporation:

Carbon Streaming is a unique ESG-based investment vehicle providing investors with exposure to the carbon credit market, a key instrument used by governments and businesses to achieve their carbon neutral and net zero climate goals. The business model of the company is focused on the acquisition, management and growth of a portfolio of high quality and diversified investments in projects and / or companies that generate or actively participate, directly or indirectly, in voluntary and / or compliant carbon credits.

The Company invests capital through carbon credit flow agreements with developers and project owners to accelerate the creation of carbon offsets projects by bringing capital to projects that might otherwise go undeveloped. Many of these projects will have significant social and economic co-benefits in addition to their potential to reduce or eliminate carbon.

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