Is Netflix’s “Maid” Based on a True Story?

Netflix has undoubtedly entered the impressive position of bringing original content that captivates audiences through movies and series. The upcoming series Housemaid gets fans talking, and the trailer feels like a gripping, grainy take on poverty and working class status.

The trailer proclaims that the series is based on a bestselling book, but is it a true story?

“Maid” will feature the fight of a single mother

There have been a lot of TV shows and movies that have attempted to capture the real lives of people who often go under the radar. We have seen movies like Nomadic country and TV shows like Ozark take viewers out of the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and into the harsher reality of America’s “flyover land”. Along the way, they’re often introduced to characters who struggle to make ends meet, faced with an economy that barely leaves them scratching their heads no matter how hard they work.

It is certainly part of the history of Housemaid, the Netflix series that takes a close look at young single mom Alex as she tries to make a living on a low-paying household workforce. Along the way, viewers will see her struggles and recognize that the odds have always been against her in a system that devalues ​​her work and the work of so many people who make the world work without proper recognition.

“Maid” is based on a bestselling book

The source material for the series is a highly acclaimed memoir by Stephanie Land. In 2019, she published Housekeeper: hard work, low wages and a mother’s will to survive. Land was 28 with a plan to go to college and a better life when she unexpectedly got pregnant from a summer fling. This disrupts her plans, and she soon tries to raise a child, take college courses, and raise enough money to live by entering upper-middle-class homes to serve as a housekeeper.

Along the way, Land finds out a lot about his clients. As a “nameless ghost,” she is privy to intimate details about their lives and homes, and she begins to see more and more of the undersides of this luxury life. Meanwhile, as Deadline reports, “Alex’s reality consists of tedious days polishing mansions from top to bottom, relying on assistance programs like SNAP to provide for his family and himself. beats to survive. ” The juxtaposition of these very different realities paints a picture of sharp (and often hidden) divisions in the American experience.

“Maid” will soon air on Netflix

The first episode of Housemaid releases on Netflix on October 1. The cast includes Margaret Qualley as the protagonist, although her name has been changed to Alex. Andie MacDowell, Billy Burke, Anika Noni Rose, and Nick Robinson all have major roles, appearing in all 10 episodes. Newcomer Rylea Nevaeh Whittet will have her first acting role as Maddy, Alex’s daughter.

Designer Molly Smith Metzler, who adapted the book for the screen, is no stranger to harsh looks at impoverished life situations. She was a writer for Shameless and will no doubt put some of those experiences to good use here. If it remains to be seen whether the tone of Housemaid will offer a few moments of lightness along the way Shameless in fact, promos definitely suggest a very dark behind-the-scenes look at the lives we often overlook.

The show is produced, in part, by LuckyChap Entertainment, the production company of Margot Robbie, who was behind the hits. Promising young woman and me Tonya. This mix of experienced actors and creators made Housemaid a promising new series that many are eager to see start.

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