Fintech Rupifi partners with Retailio to provide integrated BNPL to pharmaceutical SMEs

Rupifi, the integrated lending fintech that provides a flexible BNPL line of credit to SMEs in B2B marketplaces, has partnered with Retailio to provide credit to its pharmaceutical retailers.

Intended to help SME retailers on the Retailio platform gain instant and easy access to credit, the partnership will help them obtain up to 45 days of instant credit for their purchases.

“Retailio is one of the main B2B marketplaces in the pharmaceutical space and we are delighted with this partnership. We have built one of the most robust BNPL PME products in the industry and are currently offering it to thousands of SMEs through our partners. With Retailio, we aim to help SMEs in the pharmaceutical sector to obtain easy credit for their short-term purchases from distributors in the Retailio network. We are committed to supporting them with our multi-lender platform, which helps us offer the best rates, maximum coverage and a standardized experience, ”said Ankit Singh, co-founder of Rupifi.

India’s healthcare industry has seen its ups and downs during the pandemic. Easy access to cash was the major problem among small retailers in the essentials category, even those in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector being affected. With healthcare becoming an absolute necessity in the new normal, it is more important than ever to strengthen its supply chain and give it access to simple and efficient funding channels.

“We are constantly looking to provide our ecosystem partners with the tools and services necessary to fuel growth. Our credit program is one such initiative and we are extremely pleased to partner with Rupifi to help fill the need for working capital in the industry. This partnership will now focus on the deployment of innovative solutions and structures for our partners, ”said Rohit Anand, Head-Fintech at Retailio.

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Posted on: Thursday September 16, 2021 19:11 IST

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