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AMAC Exclusive – By Barry Casselman

Five years ago, in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, I wrote that a shift in national political identity had begun, and thereafter I wrote that this process continued unabated.

The Democratic Party has now even more explicitly turned its back on its founders, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, and has become more rigidly the party of political correctness and intolerance of free speech. He is turning away from his traditional base of ethnic and working-class voters and instead leaning towards ultra-rich Americans, big business, the newly affluent classes and academic elites. The Republican Party, on the other hand, is now appealing to working-class voters, religious and ethnic groups, and those who own and operate small businesses.

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would easily recognize the transformation of American politics as very analogous to what happened in his day, when his new political party opposed slavery while his Democratic opponents supported or apologized for it.

Today, the Liberal Party in the United States has exhausted decades of labeling the Conservative Party as the party of the rich, and in fact is now openly courting the support of the big bucks, big tech, big business, and big business. academic establishment as it tries more to develop big government.

The rapid expansion of central government in the United States actually began after World War I and began with the response to the Great Flood of 1927, a devastating Mississippi River flood that covered some 27,000 square miles of land until ‘in 30 feet of water. President Calvin Coolidge appointed Herbert Hoover, who nurtured post-war Europe in 1919, to be in charge. Through the Army Corps of Engineers, Hoover asserted federal jurisdiction and power in several flood-ravaged Southern and Midwestern states. The crisis passed, but the precedent had been set for much greater federal power. Only a few years later, when a Great Economic Depression hit the country, new Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt established his New Deal policies and programs with the goal of reviving the national economy and alleviating economic suffering and unemployment. generalized, massively extending the precedent created by Coolidge and Hoover.

After World War II, New Deal programs and ideas were institutionalized to serve the interests of millions of veterans returning from Europe and the Pacific. Even the first Republican president in 20 years, Dwight Eisenhower, and eight years later, Richard Nixon, made little change to New Deal policies. Between Eisenhower and Nixon, Democrat Lyndon Johnson upped the ante for the New Deal with his Great Society government welfare programs.

After Democrat Jimmy Carter’s disastrous first and only term, the Liberal Party’s political base began to drift away as many blue-collar workers voted for Conservative Ronald Reagan.

Yet the hard core of the Democrats remained intact, allowing the election of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and, in 2020, Joe Biden.

Donald Trump made gains in 2016 and 2020 with mainstream Democratic voters, and since the Biden administration has embraced and championed the views of the far left, Hispanics in particular, as well as Blacks, Jews and Asian Americans began to switch parties in even greater numbers.

Recent polls and early primary results indicate that the 2022 midterm elections will display this widespread shift in voter identity. As in 2016, 2018 and 2020, Democrats are getting the lion’s share of their funding from the wealthiest Americans, big business, big tech and the biggest unions — even as they accuse the GOP of being the party beholden to the plutocratic class.

Pluto was the Roman deity of the underworld, and today the term “plutocrat” is a negative word used to describe the rich and powerful. As in the days of Lincoln, however, Democrats abandoned the values ​​of their founders and embraced the values ​​and support of those they said they opposed.

If he were alive today campaigning for his Republican Party candidates in 2022, Mr Lincoln, echoing his 1859 perspective, could say the Democratic Party is now the Plutocratic Party.

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