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As we gallop towards $6 gas, I know, I know, it’s not Joe Biden’s fault – it’s important to point out the utter stupidity and stupidity of our energy policies.

The country demands that we stop importing Russian oil even though it is a drop in the ocean which only represents about 1% of our daily consumption. It looks like the Biden administration is finally starting to open up to this idea. Why it took so long is a mystery and another topic. The stupidity comes from who we ask to replace this oil. Various news reports show that Venezuelan administration officials are inquiring about the possibility of obtaining oil from them to improve our supply. Of course, the former reserve Saudi Arabia is also on the wish list. The most disturbing report is that we might actually start getting oil from Iran! Could we choose three more despicable countries to do business with? I guess, but I can’t think of any.

Many will say that the decline in domestic production has nothing to do with the Biden administration. If this is true, can someone explain to me what is the reason for the decrease? Is the answer the 10-day-old conflict in Ukraine, as some on the left have begun to claim? How absurd! I realize that the Keystone pipeline has nothing to do with a decrease in production, but there must be other reasons? Maybe he’s canceling new oil and gas leases on federal lands? Critics of this view will claim that the oil companies already have 9,000 leases that they can exploit. This is a ridiculous answer because it doesn’t take into account the cost of mining on those specific leases or even if they are viable. The Biden administration has been outwardly hostile to domestic power generation in contrast to the last administration, which embraced domestic power generation. We were on the verge of being a net exporter and now we can demand oil from Iran?

There is no doubt that our country, and the planet, must eventually move away from carbon-based energy. It is a pity that we have abandoned nuclear energy, but that is also another subject. However, we cannot abandon it today or tomorrow and although our carbon output has fallen over the past 50 years, we cannot hasten the decline on the backs of the poor, working class and the poor. economy as a whole (

Ironically, as our production declines and our share of global production declines, production in China and India has increased significantly, which has more than compensated for our decline.

It’s no secret that the goal of “green energy”, a laughable nickname, is that the way to accelerate our path to green energy nirvana is to make the price of energy so expensive that it becomes more economical to go green. Imagine the arrogance and indifference this philosophy has cost America’s poor and working class, the people the left claims to care about most. Gas was $3.50 a gallon in January 2020. It may not be entirely Biden’s fault that it’s $5.50 now, but his hostility to home power generation certainly has something to do with it. many. There is no doubt that the hostility of one administration against the adherence of another administration can have a significant effect on domestic prices. Luckily, at least we don’t have any mean tweets to deal with.

Brian Richards
Stevenson Ranch

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