ATA forecast shows cargo recovery – Fleet management

“After falling 6.8% in 2020, freight volumes are expected to increase 7.4% this year,” said Bob Costello, ATA chief economist.

File photo: Uber Freight

The American Trucking Associations released its annual freight economy forecast, which shows a strong rebound and continued growth in freight demand.

Some key conclusions from the United States Freight Transportation Forecast 2021 to 2032 include:

  • Total freight tonnage will increase from around 15.1 billion tonnes in 2021 to 19.3 billion tonnes in 2032, an increase of 28%.
  • As the share of trucks in freight tonnage will slowly decline from 72.2% in 2021 to 71% in 2032, overall volumes will increase in all segments of the industry: full load, LTL and private carrier. Truck tonnage is expected to increase from 10.23 billion tonnes this year to 13.7 billion tonnes in 2023.
  • Total revenue from primary freight shipments to the United States will increase from approximately $ 1,083 trillion in 2021 to $ 1,627 trillion in 2032.

“After falling 6.8% in 2020, freight volumes are expected to grow 7.4% this year – and we will see continued growth in demand for freight across all modes for the foreseeable future,” said Bob Costello, ATA Chief Economist.

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