Aspen working class overworked and underpaid

I have worked for Carl’s Pharmacy for 19 years. I now work extremely part-time, but want to share my thoughts on the current state of retail work in Aspen.

This past year and a half has been intimidating. We have some of the best and most loyal customers who are extremely understanding, and I want to personally thank them.

Unfortunately, no new working class is coming to this valley; they have nowhere to live. The rich keep coming and continue to demand special treatment. Everyone is exhausted. Carl’s has lost employees to living conditions and the stress of working with the public during a pandemic.

Considering that the average person who works in Aspen earns less than it costs to live in this valley and supports some of the most empowered people this world has to offer, it is not. surprising that we have a jobs crisis. For this reason, Carl’s is forced to change its hours, currently it closes every day at 6 p.m. instead of 9 p.m. Hopefully this will be temporary, in an effort to pick up the pace on Thanksgiving. I wonder how this will be possible. I wonder how businesses are going to operate this winter.

My goal is to be kind to the people I interact with, to try to make them smile and to be generous. Good luck to the working class of Aspen.

Stacy Adler


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