Amazon Expands Cloud Computing Business in Western Canada

Demand for cloud professionals is growing

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Amazon is the center of the commercial world in many ways, and its cloud services are a huge reason for that. With that in mind, it’s especially exciting to hear that Amazon plans to build a cloud infrastructure region in Western Canada over the next 15+ years.

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According to this Bloomberg article, “Amazon said the new AWS Canada West Region will allow more developers and businesses – as well as government, educational and non-profit organizations – to run applications and serve end users from data centers in a country that stretches for about 7,000 kilometers. This means that the new infrastructure region will support many professionals besides those who work directly for Amazon.

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While most people think that learning something as complex as cloud programming would be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, the existence of e-learning platforms, and good ones, actually offers one foot in the door more accessible.

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