Adam Laxalt Can’t Be Trusted to Defend Access to Health Care

This opinion column was submitted by Amber Falgout, Northern Nevada Manager for Battle Born Progress.

Subject: “I am pro-choice and I vote for Republican Adam Laxalt”, September 23:

I am a pro-choice woman and would rather walk through a field of broken glass than risk voting for Adam Laxalt for the US Senate in November. Why? Because Adam Laxalt has made a career out of being (among other things) an extreme anti-abortion politician who puts his personal beliefs above the will and well-being of the people of Nevada.

Casino magnate Cindy Carano wrote a recent opinion column published in the Reno Gazette-Journal that probably seemed out of touch to many in northern Nevada who don’t have the wealth, privilege or class status that she has. After all, not all of us can be heirs to a huge international hotel conglomerate like Eldorado Resorts. Carano herself was once executive director of hotel operations for Reno Eldorado Resorts, part of the company that recently purchased Caesars Entertainment Company, expanding the vast casino empire even further.

Abortion access is fraught with challenges for middle and working class people, but Carano reassures us that she is “pro-choice” and “there is no universe in which abortion will be prohibited at the federal or state level in Nevada”. It’s a familiar talking point for GOP hopefuls this cycle trying to distance themselves from the tragedies unfolding across the country as pregnant women are forced to walk hundreds of miles or go without aftercare. the fall of Roe c. Wade.

But here’s the thing: it’s an outright lie. A federal abortion ban would supersede Nevada law, and there’s no rhetorical backpedaling that will change that for the GOP that has spent decades trying to make sure abortion rights become a thing. the past.

Many didn’t believe Roe would be knocked down in the first place. More than a few Supreme Court justices sidestepped the abortion issue in their confirmation hearings, saying Roe was precedent only to vote to strike it down this year. So forgive me if I don’t trust the words of Adam Laxalt and other Republican politicians around the country, who are now backtracking breathlessly because they know their views are deeply unpopular. Laxalt is no stranger to Big Lies, being one of the driving figures behind the former president’s bid to nullify Nevada’s 2020 election. Laxalt will do whatever his party and donors want him to. do.

As a woman who has had an abortion, I can tell you that access in Northern Nevada is rare and expensive. This, of course, is of no consequence to people like Carano who can afford to travel if they need to have an abortion or pay out of pocket, as insurance companies rarely cover the procedure. When I had my abortion, I was a single mother. I was paid twice a month and my rent took up all of the first check I received each month. I couldn’t afford another child at that time and refused to put another child in lasting poverty. People like me can’t afford to believe that extreme anti-choice candidates like Adam Laxalt won’t vote to ban abortion. His silence on Sen. Lindsey Graham’s latest proposal for a 15-week nationwide abortion ban that would override Nevada state laws speaks volumes.

The privileged few like Carano might find Laxalt’s weak assertiveness compelling, but she’s not the one who risks being threatened if the far-right’s crusade on bodily autonomy continues. As attorney general, Laxalt signed with Nevada to support Washington pharmacists who did not want to distribute the morning after pill on religious grounds. During his failed run for governor in 2018, Laxalt said he would “consider” a referendum to repeal Nevada’s statutory abortion protections (something that interest groups wealthy with cash to burn could fund if they felt so emboldened). Leaked audio from this year’s election campaign revealed that Laxalt called Roe v. Wade of “joke”.

If that wasn’t enough, Laxalt is also endorsed by Nevada and the National Right to Life, with the latter supporting forcing childbirth survivors of child sexual abuse. But on. Senator Cortez Masto is an “alarmist”.

The glaring truth is that it would be much better for Carano if Adam Laxalt were elected because he would protect the rich and big business. It is funded by out-of-state billionaires and it profits the oil and gas industry despite the suffering of Nevadans at the gas pumps. While Laxalt, who is running for the U.S. Senate, would not directly shape Nevada laws if elected, as a state that overwhelmingly supports maintaining legal abortion access, he would be embarrassing. and sickening to raise another voice to destroy abortion rights on the national stage, with the looming threat of a national abortion ban floating around the Senate.

Wealthy elites like Carano and his family will undoubtedly benefit from an incumbent senator who serves their interest in shouldering as little tax burden as possible. What if abortion or contraception ended up being banned or severely regulated? Well, that’s just the price we workers have to pay so the rich can get their new tax breaks.

Sorry, but I don’t want Adam Laxalt, Lindsey Graham or Mitch McConnell to decide for me whether or not I have other children. And I don’t want that for anyone else in Nevada, including Cindy Carano either. Say no to Adam Laxalt in November — he’s out of touch with the real Nevadans.

Amber Falgout is the Northern Nevada lead for Battle Born Progress.

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