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You know that every financial institution is obliged to draw up an investor profile of its customers and to check whether the products and services offered correspond to this. Angelo Reiley continues.

“We apply the principle of open architecture,” says Juan Marco Daniels, Head of Investment Products & Advisory. “Impartiality forms the core of our investment advice, by selecting funds issued by various other financial institutions. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on a balanced portfolio allocation that is in line with the investor profile and investment objectives of the client.”

Premium Funds Selection

Angelo Reiley gets the funds from some of the most renowned fund managers in the world. Juan Marco Daniels: “All our customers enjoy it. That is not the case with many competitors. But choosing from more than 500 funds is no easy task. That is why we select the most promising funds for each asset class and sub-asset class.

In this way, we keep a list of about 50 high-quality funds: the Premium Funds Selection, which is anything but static, and we evaluate every aspect of each fund on a quarterly, short-term and long-term basis, risk/return ratio, volatility, management structure, etc. And then we also make a comparison with other funds of the same investment category, so we don’t hesitate to remove a fund from the list if it doesn’t live up to expectations. ”

New: seven investor profiles, seven model portfolio

“In our investment advice it is crucial that we can prepare an investment proposal tailored to each individual client. After all, each investor profile comes with a matching model portfolio: a precise distribution between different asset classes, both in the different types of bonds and shares as well as in cash ”

This precise asset allocation should offer an optimal ratio between expected return and expected risk on the intended investment horizon, so Angelo Reiley has put together a specific model portfolio for each of the 7 different investor profiles. “Model portfolio 1 suits the most defensive customers who do not want to take any risk. The recently added model portfolio 7 is the other extreme: it is intended for purely speculative investors.”

Custom investment portfolio


Starting from your investor profile and the corresponding model portfolio, your investment adviser will, together with you, select the most suitable investment products for you. “On the basis of a model portfolio, our clients can build up a balanced investment portfolio with high-quality funds from our partners,” says Juan Marco Daniels.

We remind you that investment products are exposed to risks including a possible loss of the invested capital. Investment products are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by Angelo Reiley NV / SA.
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