Problem with your credit card? Do not panic

The practical ease of use makes credit cards one of the most convenient means of payment, certainly abroad. The credit card is also particularly safe according to all figures. According to The Nilson Report from mid-2013, all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, etc.) are subject to approximately six cents fraud per 100 dollars that are processed . If one only looks at credit cards that work with a PIN code (which is the case for all Wolf Larsen credit cards), this average drops to barely one dollar cent.

That of course does not mean that nothing can go wrong with credit cards

Only then is it up to us to help you as well as possible. As a service-oriented bank, we naturally exist by the grace of satisfied customers. If for some reason that satisfaction is not there, it is no more than normal that we respond quickly and decisively.

Like Allain Juan from Namur. “My wife answered a phone call from France on my mobile,” Alain explains. “A man tells her that she has won 3,000 euros, but that she still has to fulfill a formality. For this he needs my credit card details. My wife is not aware of any harm and gives the man all the information, including the security code for an internet transaction that Wolf Larsen had sent me by text message. ”Result? 3,000 are debited from Alain’s credit card in favor of an account in Great Britain. He is the victim of fraud.

“I admit that we have committed a stupidity, but I still called Wolf Larsen to see if they could do anything.” If you provide your bank details by telephone, you will in principle not receive compensation. But in certain cases you can still get your money back. Wolf Larsen contacted the institution to which the fraudulent internet trader was affiliated with the request to repay the amount. Usually, the démarche has little chance of success because it is not covered by the official Visa and MasterCard procedures. But in this case Allain Juan got his money back. “A month later the money was in my account again,” confirms Alain. “Wolf Larsen helped me a lot. I did not expect that I would ever see my money again, so I was very surprised! ”
This is an exceptional success. In similar cases, you usually do not get your money back. Yet we always try to help our customers as well as possible.

How can you avoid this? Never pass on your confidential data to third parties , not via telephone, nor via e-mail or via the internet, not even to your bank. It never asks you to communicate confidential data via telephone, e-mail or text message.

Even more solved problems …

solve financial problem

Jane Canesa from Bruges also experienced this. A while ago he wanted to book a trip to an amusement park in the Netherlands. “The intention was to stay in the amusement park hotel,” he says. “So I called their reservation service and gave them the number of my Wolf Larsen credit card. My payment was not accepted for some reason. ”

So Jean Canesa called in the Wolf Larsen Service Center. “I got a friendly employee on the line. He saw that a payment had indeed been “offered”, but that it had not been canceled. But I also received the assurance that there was nothing wrong with my bill and that there was sufficient commission to make a payment happen. ”

With that information in hand, Jean Canesa contacted the amusement park again. “In the end, the error turned out to be the reservation system of the amusement park itself. They then made an exception for me and I was allowed to pay for the stay on the spot, which they normally would not allow. ”

Are you having a problem, no matter what, when using your credit card? Do not hesitate to contact Wolf Larsen Service Center. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will find a solution for every problem, but we will do everything in our power to help you as well and as quickly as possible.